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“I support this concept and think it will be a benefit for the Commercial Drive community.”

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“We are in support of this concept and believe it will be one more step in revitalizing the northern end of The Drive that began with the opening of The York Theater.”

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“Our city is in a severe housing crisis; I endorse this partnership in the creation of 30 supportive housing units for our community’s most vulnerable.”

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“I am thrilled that we are creating even more inclusivity by creating more social housing and space for The Kettle to provide essential front line supports for people living with mental illness.”

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“This project is about creating an inclusive community.”

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“Creating kindness can create community. The more you give, the more you get back.”

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“Collaborations like this help build community and are supported by a broad cross-section of the neighbourhood.”

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“As a local Commercial Drive retailer, we need more density and responsible development at gateway locations to support local independent businesses.”

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“Our family has lived in Grandview for 15 years and we know there’s room enough to grow and include everyone in our community.”

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“As a Grandview-Woodland resident I support this proposal and partnership; it will bring a fresh vibrancy to this otherwise underserved corner.”

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“It helps me to be here at The Kettle drop-in, I feel comfortable and at home.”

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“The Kettle has made me feel I am worth something, it’s my sanctuary...”

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“The Kettle takes a client-centred approach seriously, creating programs that make a difference…”

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“I’m happy being at Kettle on Burrard, I love this place and being off the streets”

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“I support this partnership and am on board with #morehomesformorepeople.”

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“As a local resident, I support the work The Kettle does and their plans for renewal in partnership with Boffo Properties.”

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“This isn’t a charity project. It’s an everyone project.”

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“As a volunteer at The Kettle, my philosophy is Live, Love, Laugh.”

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I support the Kettle Boffo Project.

By adding your name, you’re showing your support for more supportive housing in Grandview-Woodland, and for a welcoming, diverse and inclusive community.

The Kettle Society and Boffo Properties are working together to build a stronger and more compassionate community that offers a range of housing options, along with additional retail and public gathering spaces.

Show your support today and make your voice heard.

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